Im 26 yrs old and live in Hawaii. These are my current obsessions in fashion, photography, makeup, fitness and all things shallow. It will be primarily fitness/weight loss as that is my biggest obsession right now (in a healthy way!). SW:(12/25/11) 145...CW:(1/8/12) 139...GW: 115. Got a question? Ask me anything. :)
Yes please.

beachboneslizzy asked: I just sent you a requested. Let do it!! How much weight have you lost? I lost 80 pounds 3 years ago. Gained back 30-35. Just want to lose it again. I worse the second time around.

Wow congrats! Well at my heaviest I was 160, got down to 119 and then it all crept back up to 146. I seem to be stuck at 140… So I know what you mean about the second time sucking! Its even worse since I got down to 119, so I know its possible! Im excited now! :) 

debating if I should do Paleo

beachboneslizzy asked: How tall are you? Do you have myfitnesspal ? I'm 30 5'2 140lbs with a goal weight of 115 I live in NH

Our stats are almost exactly the same. :) Im 26, 5’1 and 140 lbs. Same goal. I live in Hawaii. I have myfitnesspal, I need to use it more than I do. My screen name is Tesia808. :)



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30 Day Shred - Day 3

It is sooooo voggy today but I pulled my shit together and forced myself to workout. I skipped yesterday and just couldn’t skip another day. My head aches and I felt like Wheezy from Toy Story but I worked up a good sweat. So today is officially day 3 of my 30 day shred. :)


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